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While living through the ages of 60 to 80, the most common words we associate are disbelief, desperation, solitary and so on. Though we say breathing through the early stages requires greater enthusiasm, but as we grow older, the amount of enthusiasm that elderly people possess is huge and it’s high time that it’s not underestimated.

Those Wrinkles define the beauty of experience :)

This particular incident made me rethink the perspective of feebleness personified for the old age people. There was a 68-year-old lady who has been working for more than 30 years in a house taking care of…

There are always phrases for everyone that just pops up when waking up- Ok, I need to be productive, constructive, say any number of terms circling around tasks for the person you wish to become in the longer run.

A day with a handful of tasks making you busy, do you consider that day a productive one? It might be whispering in mind to brag about how busy you were today, but, give it a minute! Does this productivity come along with the cost of effectiveness and contentment heading out?

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Does this damn productive day costs you lassitude at the…

In this blog, we will see how we can build a Hulu clone(react application) with data pulled from movie DB through axios. App developed for learning and I will be sharing insights and takeaways. Seems like a lot of terms :)

Break it down and keep it simple on what we want to achieve component by component!

A short sneak peek:

A lot of small packages added in order to enhance the experience.


  1. Get the movie lists from TMDB movie Database through API
  2. Hover over the video card to get the information about the movie.
  3. Clicking on the options in navbar will fetch the movie results.
  4. Make the experience count by…

Looking at the python built-ins that we can use for improving the efficiency much noticeably, let’s now look at the ways we can consume when we have to efficiently count, combine, and iterate which mostly revolves around many use cases.

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zip() function: Pairing of data happens everywhere to make the data add value, eg- Combining the azure VM names with corresponding automation check names, etc. In this case, rather using enumerate() which will be using another index variable and then appending the data, we can use the zip() function that efficiently combines the iterables passed.

When combining iterables of different…

Python, preferably the most flexible language for everyone who wants to complete the task with just simple, readable lines of code. But only a few spend a moment to think if the code is faster enough, is my code consuming so much temporary storage, how much I have optimized in execution time?

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If we step back and take a moment to replace few practices with the case-specific features that python provides, we will visibly see changes in execution and we will start building a map on replacing (looping with temp variable in list ==> list comprehension). Keep in mind that…

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To my dear friend,

Hey, my dear friend! I missed wishing you on time, sorry:), I hope this one would cherish few memories that made us who we are!

It’s been more than a decade since I know you. I still remember the friendship that we made which was very secret and it was just between us. Though we spent hours of talks inside the home, the time we spent at school where we were supposedly together was very less. Sounds mysterious! Yes.

We don’t explain ourselves to anyone that we have a very good friendship that’s far bigger than…

What world you are going to create, choose it :) :(
What world you are going to create, choose it :) :(
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What world you are going to create, choose it :) :(

Praise one = praise many
Praise one = let down many

Hello beautiful people,

Have you come across the above equations at any point. There are always different groups of people who symbolize the above two in many circumstances. So what am I going to speak about? Very simple!

Former creates a sense of elation and the latter creates a sense of doubt in oneself. To cultivate which one is at people's hands.

Acknowledging people- a very great quality. Does it always end right?

Have you come across a…

Understanding the purpose of existence!

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I was very enthusiastic to start my next learning, just going towards stuff that I need to finish, then breaking news came, It was the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. If you remember the words I said before, it was all just ‘My’(A possessive pronoun).

Something that’s a huge treasure to me, maybe trifling to others. Words like career, money, fame, luxury, goals would be more powerful for someone when compared to kind, love, compassion, sympathy, acknowledgment. For a person who is longing to have his/her call attended to sort out the issue, maybe its…

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Hello beautiful people,

The cute little girl was very happy to see people taking their time to read and give amazing comments to her awesome friend, which is me :)! Ok guys, truth spoken, she is even claiming copyrights for narrating her story, hahaha!

Back to part 1 where we left?

A warm hug and a comforting word- Everything will be fine! Did she get it? Yes from her family and no from others with whom she was interacting every day!

Does that affect her?

The cute little girl was very honest, she believes we can’t let go of any…

Hello wonderful people, you are doing awesome and you will be successful! Yess, Read that again! Do you wholeheartedly smile when someone says that? I have been over the moon bouncing with joy and hope when someone says that to me:) But still there are few, what Sangeetha, are you not a self believer?

Yes, I am. Why can’t we consume those simple emotions, trustworthy words when it makes you so much happy than being a billionaire! Don’t laugh, I have experienced those emotions and its effect is as simple. Guess what? Good peaceful sleep. …

Sangeetha Venkatesan

Being happy and making others happy!Working on being one and only!

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